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fascia porta bebè ,Baby carrier hava hvc esme prodotto nella categoria lista di nascita

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fascia porta bebè ,Baby carrier hava  hvc esme prodotto nella categoria lista di nascita

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HAVA Baby Sling
The Stylish Sling for Modern Mama's

HAVA Classic Baby Sling Diagram
HAVA is the result of 12 years of babywearing and two years of brainstorming on how to design a sling that is not only stylish and comfortable, but also conforms to the desires of many mothers to have a sleek and lightweight sling. We believe HAVA accomplishes all of this.


  • Lightweight and compact (half the size of other padded slings)
  • Zippered pocket in the tail
  • Lightweight rail padding, a third of regular padded slings
  • Padded rails can be pulled through the rings for greater adjustability
  • Decorative ribbon on the tail
  • Small, contoured shoulder pad
  • Beautifully pleated and gathered around the rings
  • Comes with instructional DVD
  • Packaged in a cute zippered see through bag with rope handle

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Benefits of Using a HAVA Sling
There are many reasons why the HAVA is the favorite baby item many parents own. Here are several:
  • Bonding: Carrying your baby in a HAVA promotes better bonding, as baby is cuddled close to you. The HAVA is perfect for discreet,easy breastfeeding in public, and for soothing a fussy or high-need baby.
  • Freedom: The HAVA frees up your hands, so you can carry on with your life without sacrificing what your baby so badly needs– your touch.
  • Versatility: There are at least six recommended positions you can use to carry your baby or toddler. These are outlined in the instructional DVD.
  • Comfort: Unlike front packs and backpacks, HAVA does not stress your lower back. Your baby’s weight is carried over your hip and shoulder. The soft, washable fabric is well padded over your shoulder and wherever the sling touches your baby’s torso and legs.
  • Healthy: Most parents are choosing the HAVA to support their decision to breastfeed their baby, which is a good and healthy choice! Doctors are recommending baby slings because they provide thorough support for a baby's developing spine. Unlike expensive front pack carriers, a baby sling naturally reclines your baby during the early months of development. Chiropractors recommend slings to parents because the baby's weight is evenly distributed over the hip and shoulder. Lastly, ALL health professionals agree that we need to stop carrying "those plastic buckets". Holding your baby next to your body it is better for you and your baby – and it’s safer.
  • Simplicity: It’s easy to put on or take off, even when your baby has fallen asleep in the sling. Storage is easy, too! It fits quickly into a diaper bag or under a car seat.
  • Quality: The HAVA is made from 100% cotton, right here in the USA! Every seam is checked and every thread is trimmed to deliver a high-quality baby sling which stands apart from other baby carriers.
  • Value: Since the HAVA accommodates your baby’s growth, from birth through 35 pounds, it’s the only carrier you will need.

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